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Nourished Festival Seattle

Nourished Festival Seattle was a blast! Nourished Festival gives you the opportunity to get closer to brands that accommodate gluten free, nut free, keto, paleo and plant based diets. This was a great opportunity to get a closer look at local and even international brands. There were samples galore!

Here’s some of the products I absolutely loved and wanted to share with you:

Promise Gluten Free

Do you ever get gluten-free bread that looks like it’s half the size of a normal slice of bread? I feel like that’s most brands. Promise Gluten Free is the first brand in a long time where the slice of bread is actually normal size! They have a variety of options, including: rosemary olive oil sourdough, soft white load and multigrain loaf. This bread is going to make some great sandwiches!

Promise Gluten Free bread is available in Washington state and you should be able to find it at most grocery store staples in the bakery aisles. No more freezer aisles!


Sourdough bread anyone?! I swear I’m not exaggerating here, this bread is absolutely life changing. I have not had sourdough bread in almost 10 years and this was the real deal. It has that crunchy crust and soft chewy inside. I can just imagine making delicious french toast or simply eating it plain. I immediately ordered myself a 3-pack!

Bread SRSLY Gluten-Free Sourdough


This brand includes the sesame milk I discovered, popped veggie chips, coated almonds, trail mixes and Mediterranean snacks. I have never heard or seen sesame milk before I stopped by their booth. I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious the chocolate hazelnut sesame milk tasty and they all have 8g of protein. I think a splash in your morning coffee would be tasty. There is also an unsweetened version with 0g sugar and 8g protein that would be a nice addition to a smooth or protein shake.

The vegan ranch and bbq almonds were my favorite from the Crrrunch Bites brand! A great snack to have around at the office or home. You can purchase these items on their website or Amazon: veggie chips and crrrunch bites.

FreeYumm Foods

Do you like banana bread?! Well these banana maple cookies from FreeYumm taste just like banana bread! This brand is always free from the top 8 allergens. My second favorite was the raspberry chia bar, so yummy! These would be great little snacks to have on the go and a sweet treat post-dinner.

You can find FreeYumm products on Amazon here.

88 Acres

Have you ever heard of watermelon seed butter? Yeah, me neither. But let me tell you, it was good! I could picture it being a go-to snack on some apple slices, rice cakes or a watermelon seed butter and banana sandwich perhaps? You can easily grab the products on Amazon here and here.

Having some fun at Nourished Festival with the Find Me Gluten Free cash cube. And last but not least, it was so great to meet some fellow northwest bloggers! It’s nice to interact with such a kind community of people who are sharing their stories and knowledge with everyone.

This post may contain affiliate links. By purchasing a product I recommend, I may receive a small compensation. I will only recommend products I absolutely love and use myself. Thank you for supporting The Breadless Brunette!

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