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Gluten-Free Holiday Desserts Around Seattle

Nuflours Bakery

📍 Capitol Hill

A 100% gluten-free bakery. You can pre-order different pies for your holiday dessert table – pumpkin, pecan, apple or cherry. They also have dinner rolls, stuffing cubes and much, much more. Check them out here.

Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company

📍 Bellevue

Another 100% gluten-free bakery. They have a whole range of items that you can pre-order and pickup prior to the major holidays. Some items include dinner rolls, challah bread, cinnamon rolls, pies, cookies, and scones. There’s even more to explore here.

Cafe Flora

📍 South Seattle

Located in South Seattle, you can pre-order a gluten-free pumpkin pie for your festivities here.

Shambala Bakery

📍 Mount Vernon & local farmers markets

A gluten, soy, nut, and peanut free facility. Although the bakery is located in Downtown Mount Vernon, they offer pickup at some local farmers markets closer to Seattle. They offer pre-ordered Thanksgiving meals and desserts. Check out the details here.

Flying Apron

📍 Fremont & West Seattle

You can pre-order pies (pumpkin, pecan and apple), pie shells, rolls, sticky buns, and cinnamon rolls. Check out all of the options here.

Corina Bakery

📍 Tacoma

This bakery offers gluten free, vegan, and soy free baked goods. You can pre-order pies, cheesecakes, and whoopie pies. Check them out here.

Community Food Co-Op

📍 Bellingham

If you’re in or near Bellingham, you can pre-order everything from gluten-free pies to Thanksgiving entrees. They’re turkey, green beans, mushroom gravy, wild rice stuffing, mash potatoes, and cranberry sauce are all gluten-free. Check out the details here.

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