About me

Hi there! I’m Bren, the Breadless Brunette. It’s nice to meet you!

When I was in high school and my early twenties, I was experiencing A LOT of digestive discomfort and pain. There were a lot of doctor visits, invasive digestive tests and simply being uncomfortable an awful lot. It was a long journey to finally discover that I had food allergies. After a suggestion to do an elimination diet, I started with eliminating all products containing gluten. It took a while, but I finally started to see my symptoms clear up. No more stomach pain, discomfort, headaches, fatigue and the list goes on. Eventually, I had to eliminate dairy products as well because I was still seeing a lot of discomfort from that too.

It’s been almost 10 years since taking gluten and dairy out of my diet and I feel so much better! And thankfully we’ve come a long way with the gluten and dairy free products, we can finally enjoy food like it’s meant to be enjoyed!

I have a passion for baking and I love sharing my creations with you! I enjoy trying to make recipes that weren’t meant to be gluten free and perfecting the taste to be gluten and dairy free. I love traveling and trying to find the best gluten and dairy free foods in different countries.

Follow along as I share my adventures from the Northwest and beyond! ✈