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    Gluten-Free Guide: Bellingham

    Making a stop in Bellingham any time soon? I decided to start a list of some of my go-to spots when I’m visiting my hometown. I plan to continue adding to this list as I revisit some of my favorite spots or discover new places offering gluten-free options.

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    Nourished Festival Seattle

    Nourished Festival Seattle was a blast! Nourished Festival gives you the opportunity to get closer to brands that accommodate gluten free, nut free, keto, paleo and plant based diets.

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    Gluten-Free Guide: London

    There’s nothing quite comparable to the hustle and bustle of London. This was my second trip to London and I’m always ready to go back. London offers gluten-free and dairy-free options all over the city, so you won’t go hungry.

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    Gluten-Free Guide: Prague

    When you first think about Prague, you probably think of meat, potatoes and starchy goulash dishes. Probably hardly anything that could accommodate a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, right?